Steel construction

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Steel construction Steel construction



Steel construction systems

Steel construction

Resistance up to 102 km/h wind speed and 80 kg/m2.

you may assemble directly to surface or concrete floor you wantand disassemble anytime needed

And rebuild anywhere else in case.

10meters width column height is 4 5 or 6 meters available. The buildings height and floors is variable as disered2.5meters per floor.

Wind connections of npi columned parts are made of steel bolts and nuts.

Steel buildings are safer than other types and less affected.

Due to the carrier profiles these constructions are much more resistant and durable.

Earthquake risked areas has preferences on this type of building.

İts also a big choice in the market about sports buildings factories workshops logistics

Storerooms warehouses.

This buildings are usable for 4 seasons and totally ecologically friendly and harmless

Steel constructions are used multipurpose not only engineering architecture or mechanical.

Designs are added to the planning of carrier structures production and assembly.

Depending to the project structures carrying capasities are calculated by the analysis and programs

By the engineers in order to be durable to the project.

The main principal of prefabric products andd ita market is steel construction.

İts priceable by its thickness weight and insulation.

Steel constructions with bolts and nuts have a big advantage such as being available for reassembly.

For any circumstances you may easily trasport your building.

And the construct period is very short in time.

The opportunity to select the insulation of the construction is also a big advantage for users to reduce the heating costs.

The price of the construction is depended on its sizefeature and exclusive requests.

For the best quotation At the beginning of the project the area must be defined in details at place to be beneficial for next stages autocad drawings



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